Att frilägga frukt.
Nya trä- och linosnittsknivar. Handgjorda från schweiz. They are amazing!
Gammal goding som @byebilly fick som present :)
Har målat akvarell.
Fick precis hem världens bästa magasin. Mums!

Det råder sorg i hjärtat när SD blir Sveriges största parti ikväll.

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 The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea. 

Seascapes Series: Ivan Aivazovsky, 1817 – 1900

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Suddenly it hit me, this wonderful feeling of calm. Of knowing.

The smell of cooking, some spice I can’t define, & coffee. We made soup & watched a movie, and tomorrow we have photography, to bad I couldn’t get my camera up here, the bag was to heavy & the camerabag was to heavy/big to carry on the side. Fucking trains.

A piece of choc. & missing my friends. Friday is soon coming up, can’t wait until you get here, finally after like 6–7 weeks.


design work life - Part 10

Student Work - Azul Amuchastegui Bari
Can’t sleep

Gjorde även en konceptuell illustration till lille prinsen.
Gjorde även en liten illustration till Lille prinsen. Koncept förstås.
Lite skisser.