Fick precis hem världens bästa magasin. Mums!

Det råder sorg i hjärtat när SD blir Sveriges största parti ikväll.

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 The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea. 

Seascapes Series: Ivan Aivazovsky, 1817 – 1900

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Suddenly it hit me, this wonderful feeling of calm. Of knowing.

The smell of cooking, some spice I can’t define, & coffee. We made soup & watched a movie, and tomorrow we have photography, to bad I couldn’t get my camera up here, the bag was to heavy & the camerabag was to heavy/big to carry on the side. Fucking trains.

A piece of choc. & missing my friends. Friday is soon coming up, can’t wait until you get here, finally after like 6–7 weeks.


design work life - Part 10

Student Work - Azul Amuchastegui Bari
Can’t sleep

Gjorde även en konceptuell illustration till lille prinsen.
Gjorde även en liten illustration till Lille prinsen. Koncept förstås.
Lite skisser.
Lite skisser.
Skolarbete som är väldigt roligt!
In med @feministerna ut med rasisterna!
Gjorde även en tusch/akvarell till @pappa_jango